This collection explores other uses and possibilities of materials.

Plastic that is extremely popular, may have other uses that enlarge their lifetime. For this reason some common materials like plastic thread, leather plastic imitation are components of the design. There are other materials like bath curtain and acrylic that are used in an alternative and interesting way.

This combination of materials bring a different perspective of plastic, moreover they bring a fresh aesthetic to stake out alternative ways that enlarge the use of this material, trying to stay away from the concept of plastic as a disposable.


​The selection of materials is the starting point of design of these objects. The use of common materials challenges the design process to adapt the shapes and joints of each object. Experimentation in key, but it also adds fun on the making.


Our most recent work is focused on the use of residual material, mostly plastic that we obtain from friends and past projects. This residual acrylic still has a lot of potential to complement our designs, we try to use as much as we can of the pieces we obtain.

One of the main objectives of this is to rethink the use of common materials and add an aesthetic look to objects. Function is also important, all our products are related to creation, notebooks, pencil cases and carry on bags. We want to awake curiosity and fun through daily objects.