Técnica: impresión digital sobre papel de algodón.

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Technique: Digital print over cotton paper

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Patrones de la Tierra, mis ancestros

The topography of the world in our hands.
The art work is elaborated from maps of mainland Guatemala, in the villages and mountains where our grandparents where born.

This series of patterns were created by analyzing and coloring different topographical aspects; slopes or river basins.

In the year 2000 NASA launched the Shuttle Radar Topography Missions which captured a precise 3D model of earth’s surface. This information was completely uploaded to the internet and it is free and available to anyone in the world.

Our ancestors…

Teculután, Zacapa.
This is the birth place of my grandfather. Teculután is a small village, in a place called La Vega del Cobán, Zacapa. I remember when my grandfather used to talk about it, and the stories of the Motagua River. We traveled every year on vacation or holidays with my family.

Huehuetenango, Huehuetenango

My grandparents were born in Huehuetenango, and every morning when they woke up it was there. It’s presence could be felt from miles, and up there you knew it was freezing cold. I remember you could stand in the front yard in their old house in Huehue, and wherever you saw, Los Cuchumatanes where there.

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Díptico, Grande